Your Path. Your Choice. Our Team.

Some have a set destination in mind, others may desire options for the road ahead. Regardless of your direction, an experienced guide makes all the difference. One who can shine a light on the right path and create options or alternative routes when you encounter forks in the road, helping you reach your ultimate goal within your timeframe and in accordance with your key objectives for each and every endeavor.


Whether this is your first roadtrip or you are a frequent flyer, August Mack’s objective is to make sure our time with you is productive, valuable and efficient. Our team is focused on listening to your objectives and desires so the best path is chosen before the journey begins. Along the way, we will learn about your preferences and connect you to our subject matter experts to create a clear vision of the pathways and alternative routes that can take you to the finish line.


Once we know your route and destination, we will walk with you and strive to make your journey a memorable one. Our team will develop a solution that allows you to proceed along your designated path, minimizing bumps in the road by designing a customized roadmap that aligns with your organization’s key criteria. You can be confident in the chosen path and certain that our collaborative approach will help you arrive at your journey’s end.


Along the path, our team will be available to accompany you every step of the way. Keeping your objectives and milestones paramount to every decision we make for your project, our experienced professionals will proceed efficiently in order to turn plans into reality by anticipating and navigating detours and roadblocks. Once complete, we’ll review the journey with you to make sure everything was delivered to your satisfaction. As part of our review, we will arrange to connect again to find out where else you would like to go.