Remediation System Operation & Maintenance

Published On: March 16, 2020Categories: Project, Remedial Operations, System Operation & Maintenance

EFS was contracted by a client to provide Operation & Maintenance activities for an existing 31-well groundwater remediation system at a metal manufacturing facility located in Ohio. Groundwater at the site is impacted with VOCs, chromium, and hexavalent chromium contaminants in groundwater. EFS was initially contracted to review the existing groundwater treatment system and provide recommendations for optimizing the system.

EFS provides monthly operation and maintenance activities including; collecting NPDES samples, recording totalizer flow meter readings from each recovery well, inspecting and cleaning air stripper flower filter screens, cleaning the ISCO bubbler flow meter, inspecting and measuring the diameter of upstream discharge piping, greasing the drive and fittings of each air stripper blower, verifying phone line operation, verifying recovery well pump operation, coordinating shipment of monthly samples to the laboratory, and inspecting the newly installed anti-fouling agent pumps, piping, and storage container. Quarterly activities also include preventative maintenance on the system air stripper and electric drive motors.

In addition, EFS has provided multiple phases of investigative field services at the site, including the collection of soil samples, installation of groundwater monitoring wells, and collection of soil vapor ports.

EFS was also contracted to decommission the facility’s Chrome Room groundwater remediation system.

EFS continues to provide quarterly sampling and monthly operation & maintenance activities onsite, which include diagnosing system performance issues and providing equipment maintenance on an as-needed basis.  In addition, EFS also provides field services in response to system alarms on a continual basis.

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