Remedial Operations

EFS is experienced in the installation, operation, and maintenance of various remediation, wastewater, and pollution control systems. Our team is skilled in constructing remediation systems in accordance with client specifications, performing startup, and then maintaining these systems for optimal performance during their operating life.

Our Remedial Operations Services Include:

  • Remedial Injection
  • Vapor Intrusion System Pilot Testing, Installation, and Maintenance
  • Remediation System Pilot Testing, Start-Up, Operation, Maintenance, and Decommissioning
  • Groundwater Monitoring
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation
  • Site Maintenance
  • Recovery Well Rehabilitation, Pump Removal, and Maintenance
  • Pollution Control Device Inspections and Maintenance
  • Drum Sampling, Overpacking, & Removal

Environmental Field Services Project Feature:

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Remedial Construction