Landfill Cover Improvements

Published On: March 18, 2020Categories: Project, Remedial Construction

EFS was contracted to complete civil improvements to a three-acre soil cover at a former private trucking operations facility in West Virginia in order to reduce infiltration of precipitation into a Solid Waste Management Unit.  Field activities began in October 2012 and were completed in November 2012.  EFS prepared a site-specific Health and Safety Plan and Work Plan.  The scope of work included establishing perimeter barriers, installing erosion and sediment and control measures, removing fencing, streamline piping, and a concrete slab, performing pre and post material placement surveys, and the stripping of approximately 80,000 square feet of topsoil.

The scope of work also included grading and compacting of a 20,000 square feet subsidence area within the existing cover, placing 3,000 tons of clay onto the landfill, installing protective covers over existing monitoring wells and around existing building structures, installing bentonite seals around existing penetrations, installing and grading 1,300 cubic yards of topsoil, performing hydroseeding and watering activities over restored areas to establish vegetative growth, performing final decontamination of equipment, and preparing post-construction submittals. These services were performed in accordance with the client’s health and safety plan.

Based on the timing of construction, two phases of seeding and restoration were anticipated as part of the base scope of work.  The restoration efforts conducted by EFS resulted in the establishment of sufficient vegetative growth that ultimately eliminated the need for the second seeding effort.  This resulted in a savings of $14,000 for our client and their customer.  All work activities were performed in strict accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) regulations.

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