COVID-19 Services

EFS (Environmental Field Services, Inc.) is offering a variety of cleaning response services for businesses currently affected by COVID-19, to help mitigate risk and ultimately resume operations as quickly as possible. Our selection of EPA and OSHA-recommended COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection services currently includes:

In-Situ Chemical Reduction Treatment Services

Drilling, Project | Mar 18th, 2020
EFS was contracted by a client to provide in-situ chemical reduction (ISCR) treatment services for a site in Ohio. The design remedy consisted of the application of EHC® – a reagent consisting of controlled release carbon, zero-valent iron (ZVI), and nutrients for stimulating the chemical reduction process of organic compounds within groundwater – combined with … more »

Landfill Cover Improvements

Project, Remedial Construction | Mar 18th, 2020
EFS was contracted to complete civil improvements to a three-acre soil cover at a former private trucking operations facility in West Virginia in order to reduce infiltration of precipitation into a Solid Waste Management Unit.  Field activities began in October 2012 and were completed in November 2012.  EFS prepared a site-specific Health and Safety Plan … more »

Soil Mixing Services

EFS was contracted by a client to provide soil mixing services for a site in Wisconsin. Prior remediation efforts consisting of a groundwater pump and treat system operated at the site until 2004. An amendment to the Record of Decision (ROD) modified the treatment strategy to excavation or in-situ treatment of hot spot areas in … more »

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