Remedial Construction

EFS provides complete remediation services for addressing contaminated sites. Our teams have assisted consultants and engineers across the United States with remediation projects involving RCRA, TSCA, and non-hazardous contaminants. We have experience working on a variety of sites, including government facilities, active and legacy industrial sites, and U.S. EPA Superfund (CERCLA) sites.

Our Remediation & Construction Services Include:

● Soil Excavation & Disposal ● In-Situ Shallow Soil Mixing & Stabilization ● Remediation System Installation ● AST & UST Removal & Decommissioning ● AST & UST Cleaning ● Sediment Removal ● Liner installation ● Capping/Cover Construction ● Waste Consolidation ● Demolition ● Site Preparation, Grading & Restoration ● Facility Decontamination/Industrial Cleaning

Environmental Field Services Project Feature:

EFS was contracted to complete civil improvements to a three-acre soil cover at a former private trucking operations facility in West Virginia in order to reduce infiltration of precipitation into a Solid Waste Management Unit.  Field activities began in October 2012 and were completed in November 2012.  EFS prepared a site-specific Health and Safety Plan ... more »
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