Our team maintains a fleet of direct push and hollow stem auger rigs to support consultants with environmental and geotechnical investigations, monitoring well installations, site characterization, and in-situ groundwater remediation. No matter the location, EFS is able to provide the site characterization support and in-situ remediation techniques to complete your projects.

Our Drilling And Probing Services Include:

● Direct Push Technology (DPT) Soil and Groundwater Sampling ● Reagent Injection (ISCO, ISCR, Bio, Immobilization) ● Monitoring Well Installation (Direct Push and Hollow Stem) ● Gas/Vapor Well Installation ● Hollow Stem Auger Drilling ● Air Rotary Drilling ● Air Knife/Soft Digging ● Rock Coring ● Barge and Platform Capability ● Geotechnical Drilling

Environmental Field Services Project Feature:

EFS was contracted by a client to provide in-situ chemical reduction (ISCR) treatment services for a site in Ohio. The design remedy consisted of the application of EHC® – a reagent consisting of controlled release carbon, zero-valent iron (ZVI), and nutrients for stimulating the chemical reduction process of organic compounds within groundwater – combined with ... more »
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