AST & UST Removal & Decommissioning


Tank Farm Decommissioning and Soil Remediation Services - Waukesha, WI

EFS was contracted to perform above-ground storage tank (AST) decommissioning and impacted soil remediation at a facility in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The project was performed to expedite a real estate transfer. EFS was retained to perform AST cleaning and removal as well as impacted soil excavation, transportation and off-site disposal at the site.

The scope of services provided by EFS included:

  • Preparing a site specific Health and Safety Plan and Waste Management Plan.
  • Cleaning, removing and disposing of six ASTs and associated piping located inside the facility.
  • Removal, storage, management and off-site disposal of 750 gallons of residual tank liquids.
  • Removing and disposing of 1,500 square feet of 8-inch thick concrete flooring.
  • Excavating, loading, transporting and off-site disposal of 500 tons of impacted soil material from within the facility, including backfilling and compaction of excavation areas.

All work activities were performed in strict accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and local regulations. EFS provided a Wisconsin Certified Tank Cleaner/Remover and experience heavy equipment operators to perform the work. EFS also completed and submitted all required Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources documents associated with the tank cleaning and removal activities. All work was completed under budget and on schedule within a three week period.