Quarterly Groundwater Sampling - Indianapolis, IN


EFS was contracted to perform quarterly groundwater sampling at the Naval Air Warfare Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The project was performed under a Remedial Action Contract (RAC) with the United States Navy. The Naval Air Warfare Center is currently undergoing closure activities in accordance with the Navy's Base Realignment and Closure Activities (BRAC) program.  EFS was retained to collect groundwater samples from 28 two inch diameter groundwater monitoring wells at five Areas of Concern (AOCs) and one Installation Restoration (IR) site.

Each groundwater monitoring well has been sampled in accordance with IDEM and USEPA Low-Flow Groundwater Sampling requirements. Prior to groundwater sampling activities, EFS field team members attended a NAVY RAC Low Flow Groundwater Sampling Seminar conducted by the client.  Initially, the static water level in each well is measured along with the well depth to determine the amount of water to purge before collecting a water sample. Each well is purged using a low-flow peristaltic pump.  During the purging process, EFS personnel collect field parameter measurements at 2-5 minute intervals using a flow thru cell apparatus to establish field parameter stabilization.  After purging the required amount of water, water samples are collected and placed into the appropriate sampling containers, packed in ice, logged on a chain of custody and sent to an environmental laboratory to be tested for the required parameters. The laboratory analytical results were forwarded to the client for evaluation.