Groundwater Remediation System Installation & Groundwater Monitoring - Beech Grove, IN


EFS was retained to install a groundwater recovery system at a Beech Grove, Indiana facility.  The facility is currently performing quarterly groundwater monitoring as part of a Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) closure of two lagoons.  Historically, two shallow monitoring wells on the property showed elevated levels of contaminants of concern.  To more aggressively address and prevent any further migration of the contaminants of concern, EFS designed and installed a simple recovery system consisting of two above grade pumps, PVC piping and an aboveground storage tank (AST).  The system is controlled by a programmable timer, which engages the pumps periodically to evacuate impacted groundwater from the low-yield wells. 

In addition to the installation of the groundwater recovery system, EFS was retained to sample existing groundwater-monitoring wells at the site. Groundwater samples from each of the monitoring wells, duplicate samples, field blanks, and trip blanks were collected for analysis.