Groundwater Remediation System Operation and Maintenance - Sycamore, OH


EFS was contracted to develop a corrective action program to address the on-site treatment of petroleum-impacted water.  EFS’ remedy was the design, installation, and operation of a mobile groundwater recovery treatment system.  Petroleum-impacted water was recovered from the entombed, burned tire piles utilizing a combination of high volume water depression pumps and transferred into multiple 20,000-gallon frac-tanks located onsite.  Recovered water was then processed through an oil/water separator, particulate bag filters, and carbon filtration beds to remove contaminates from the water.  Discharge from the treatment system was regulated by a National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permit (NPDES) and was sampled on weekly basis to ensure compliance with the permit.  

EFS recovered, treated, and discharged 6,000,000 gallons of petroleum-impacted water.  In addition to water treatment contract, EFS was assigned additional responsibilities’ directly related to the facility cleanup operations which has included 24-hour site security operations, the design and installation of a temporary 200-GPM high volume water treatment system, closure of the “oily hole” fire retention pond, and storm water sampling and compliance reporting.  Through the majority of the project, EFS has staffed the facility with full time employees dedicated to the site both for record keeping and for continued groundwater recovery treatment system maintenance.