NIKE Missile Magazine Demolition - Vernon Hills, IL


EFS performed dewatering and demolition of NIKE missile magazines at the Libertyville Training Site (LTS) located in Vernon Hills, Illinois. These services were conducted during a six-month period as part of the NAVY RAC Contract Task Order 0072.

Initially, EFS personnel removed approximately one million gallons of contaminated water from three abandoned missile silos at the site. EFS pumped, transported and disposed of this material off-site in accordance with all applicable federal and state regulations. Once the water was removed from the silos, EFS demolished the three subsurface silo structures. These structures consisted of approximately 4,500 tons of asbestos containing concrete and 1,200 tons of non-asbestos containing concrete. The asbestos containing concrete was demolished using the wet method to eliminate the airborne dust hazard. Following demolition, EFS loaded, transported and disposed of this material in accordance with all applicable federal and state regulations. The 1,200 tons of non-asbestos containing concrete, approximately 200 tons of uncontaminated scrap metal and 1,000 tons of demolished asphalt pavement were loaded by EFS and transported to off-site recycling facilities.

Once the subsurface structures were removed, EFS personnel assisted with collection of 100 samples from the soil surrounding the former silo structures. These samples were submitted to an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Navy Approved Laboratory for analysis. Based upon the laboratory analytical results, approximately 4,000 tons of contaminated soil was excavated, loaded and transported off-site for proper disposal by EFS. Following removal of the contaminated soil, approximately 15,00 cubic yards of clean backfill material was brought to the site, placed into the former silo excavations and compacted to complete the project.

This was the largest project completed by EFS in 2002 and included more than 7,500 man hours worked without an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Loss Time Accident. This was a highly visible and regulated site. EFS completed the project under budget and on schedule.