Industrial Cleaning & Decontamination - Warsaw, IN


EFS performed industrial cleaning for a manufacturing facility in Warsaw, Indiana in preparation for site decommissioning.  The overall scope of services included 80,000 square-feet of surface cleaning and pressure washing, confined space entry to access and clean multiple pits and bag houses, and management of dust debris and liquid cleaning waste.

Cleaning operations were conducted in Level C and Level D PPE. Prior to commencement of site activities, EFS installed poly sheeting as necessary to contain over spray, protect electrical utilities, and mitigate fugitive dust.  EFS plugged all floor drains to prevent discharge of rinse water to the sanitary sewer.  EFS constructed a decontamination station at the ingress/egress point of two production areas to prevent migration of suspect heavy metal impacts to surrounding production areas.

Level C cleaning operations consisted of the removal of heavy metal laden dust and debris from a four-story production room and adjoining room. EFS utilized a combination of manlifts and vacuum tubing, in conjunction with high cubic-feet-per-minute industrial vacuum truck to remove and containerize dust. All dust and debris was transferred directly into Gaylord boxes to segregate this material from debris generated at other areas of the plant.

Following debris removal, EFS utilized 3,500 psi hot water pressure washers to clean the floors and walls up to 8-feet above walking surface.  All rinse water was containerized and transferred into a dedicated onsite frac tank. 

In addition, EFS also conducted dust and debris removal and pressure washing from seven subsurface pits, up to 10-feet deep, and six bag houses. EFS utilized a high volume vacuum truck to remove debris. Confined space entry permits were completed for each pit and bag house prior to entry.  The breathing air was continually monitored during entry. 

Following dust removal and pressure washing, EFS decontaminated all site equipment, including frac tanks prior to demobilization from the site.